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Fuel Injection Games

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Broken Axles is a 15mm vehicle combat game set in a retro sci-fi, post apocalyptic world. Warbands of raiders roam the Endless Desert, vying with each other for dominance over vital supplies of Crude Oil and refined Cruel with which to sustain their ever-thirsty warmachines. Such prizes are no easy prey, however, as often times these resources are carried in the armoured bellies of massive Battle Rigs, bristling with weaponry and surrounded by escort vehicles.

The rules are fast and bloody, where every dice roll can range from triumphant execution to disastrous mishap, conveying the nature of the ramshackle vehicles each player utilizes. Crush your opponents with bouts of metal-crunching road rage, explosive Boomsticks and potent mounted weapons, or die trying.

Start battling on the radiation-blasted roads of the Endless Desert today!

The Rules

The Complete Rulebook, (which combines the Main Rules and Scenarios & Warbands supplement found below), is available now at Wargames Vault at a reduced price.


Please follow the links below to download stat cards and creature templates for free!

Vehicle Stat Cards:

Dunehopper Templates:

Sand Drake Templates:

Armagedillo templates:

Desert Reaper Templates:


Due to the extensive maintenance required to keep functional silicone moulds for the Broken Axles range and a desire by Fuel Injection Games to focus on producing rule sets, physical models are no longer available.

​​​​​​​Digital model files with which to 3d print your own vehicles (whether from home or using a printing service) will be available shortly.